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The options specified on the command line are:

--help. Shows the option list with descriptions.

--file. The .csv file to convert, specify the full path helps.

--debug. prints information about the conversion progress.

--addshare. Set to a value (eg 0.001 or 0.027) in the config file to seed, this will be incremented with 0.001 each run. The config file must be in the directory you run everything from (eg the location of the .cmd file, not necessarily the .exe)
note that you can make it create the config file for you by using --addshares on the command line,

--stripsuffix. Setting this to 1 will remove all the :LSE and :GBX suffixes from symbol names.

These set which columns in the csv to use for parsing the data. First column in the csv is column 0. Colfund refers to a column that has valid numbers for fund rows only - ie if you add 'Institutional Class' to your portfolio export, all stocks will have "n/a" in there, while funds will have a number (-32768, which is nonsense but is a still a number). This tells the program which rows are funds and which are stocks without having to use a separate mapper.

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