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Hi after FT changed the columns for its csv stock download feature (thanks to the FT for the service!) the old program I used to convert the csv into an ofx suitable for import to MS Money stopped doing the import, so as it wasn't open source, I figured it was best to knock out a quick program to do this for me.

This is the first stab at it. Its quick and dirty and I'll work on user friendliness later. First things first - getting it to work.

So it works, its a windows command line exe so you can run it in a cmd window, or from a batch file (or an explorer shortcut)

If you open a cmd window, and type 'csv2ofx.exe --help' it'll show you the options. Enter them and it will turn a csv into an ofx in the same directory as the csv file.

eg: csv2ofx.exe --colsym 1 --colprice 2 --colcurrency 3 --colname 0 --colfund 12 --file c:\downloads\Money2014-03-190555PM.csv

The 4 colxx parameters tell it which columns in the csv are used for which data (symbol, currency, price and name). In my default portfolio download, these are set as above.

Then give it the csv and let it go.

Download the .exe and .cmd file from the downloads section.

You may need the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 redistributable dll from - get the x86 version.

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